150 Pack Mosquito & Insect Repellent Stickers

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No need for smelly, sticky chemical sprays this season. Instead, use all-natural and non-toxic essential oils that effectively deter pests like mosquitoes, flies, bees, hornets and more. Pure essential citronella oil has been used for ages to mask human scents that attract insects and some animals too. Simply remove stickers from the package and apply directly to clothing or near by materials to use. The stickers do not damage or stain fabrics and are safe for children. We recommend avoiding direct application to skin as the adhesive may cause irritation on removal. Concentrated citronella may cause mild irritation or reaction with direct exposure to open pores. Each sticker measures about 1 inch and is decorated with a funny face. Stickers come packaged in quantities of six more than one can be applied if you are in a heavily infested location.

How does it work?
Natural essential citronella oil is applied to non-woven fabric stickers and sealed. This naturally occurring essential oil masks the scents that insects typically find attractive like carbon dioxide and lactic acids.

Is it Safe?
Yes, 100% pure citronella oil is applied to the sticker fabric. Citronella is a naturally occurring and non-toxic, however some people may experience mild allergic reactions with direct exposure to skin. For this reason we suggest applying stickers to clothing or in areas that will not have direct contact with skin.

Does it Smell?
Citronella has naturally grassy, floral scent just like its grassy plant. It's this scent that blocks insect receptors from finding and targeting humans.

Will the Sticker Stain My Clothing?
No, the stickers are safe for clothing and will not leave any markings. It is however possible that fabric where the sticker was applied will carry the scent of citronella until washed again.

How do I Select a Colour?
For the duration of this promotional price we will be offering the next available random colour for each order. It's possible they will all come as same colour.



Sticker Size: 1"W x 1"L
Essential Ingredient: 100% Pure Citronella Oil
Material: Non-Woven Fabric
Stickers Per Pack: 6
Order Quantities: 150
Colour: Selected Randomly at Factory



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