11.2' x 12.5' Large Garden Storage Shed - Light Grey

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Keep your equipment safe and protected through any season with this galvanized steel storage shed. Designed to endure Canadian weather, it has a sloped roof and dual sliding doors for easy access. This large sized storage structure provides you with 139.8 sqft of space, plenty of room to store your seasonal equipment, powered equipment and garden tools. There are four ventilation slots to allow air circulation and prevent moisture build up. The dual sliding doors open to 59.75" wide so you have plenty of room for moving large items in and out. Reinforced floor framing adds durability to the structure for years to come.



  • 139.8sqft of storage space for outdoor tools, equipment & patio furniture
  • Constructed with galvanized steel with a protective top coat for durability
  • Sloped roof to prevent water, snow and ice pooling and build-up
  • Double sliding doors with 59.75" wide opening for easy access in and out
  • Four ventilation slots ensure good air circulation and release moisture
  • Floor foundation frame included for an even structure on the ground
  • Assembly required please use protective gloves when handling



Colour: Light Grey
Material: Steel Galvanized, Steel, PP
Overall Dimension: 11.15'L x 12.55'W x 6.56'H
Inside Dimension: 10.83'L x 12.21''W x 6.56'H
Wall Height: 5.08'
Door Dimension: 54.25''L x 59.75''W
Vent Dimension: 8.5''L x 3.75''W
Occupied Area: 12.99 m²
Snow Capacity: 4lb/sqft, snow accumulation must be removed from roof. 

Please Note: Please review required obligations with your municipal office prior to ordering. Seasonal Overstock is not responsible for expenses related to obtaining local permits. 

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