Percussion Massage Gun with 20-Speed Touch Control

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This versatile massage gun hits the spot and does it just the way you want it to! With 20 intensity levels peaking at 4000 ppm, a long-life battery, touch panel control, and LED indicator screen we put all the options at your finger tips that the others don't. This high-impact and versatile massage gun is the ideal choice for percussive therapy on aching joints and sore muscle tissues. It's ergonomic, compact and lightweight design make it easy to deliver intense and focused percussive therapy vibrations to troubled spots wherever they are. Complete with four massage head options, a long-life 2500mAh battery, and packaged in a ready-to-go carry case you'll have everything you need backed by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Benefits of Percussive Therapy

The perfect at-home substitute for expensive massage therapy, this powerful and easy to use massage gun allows you to focus with precision on tight and troubled areas with deep tissue therapy. Percussive therapy is known to reduce lactic build up, improve circulation, and increases the motion range of tight and tender muscle tissues. The reduced pain from lactic build-up and improved blood flow allow you to recover faster and feel better after intensive training or injury. 

For the Control Freaks 

What people love most about massage guns is the complete control over the focus and intensity on the spot(s) you need it most. Now with an improved 20-Speed motor and touch screen controls, you'll have more options than ever to find the perfect vibe for you. Peaking at 4,000 pulses per minute, it delivers a faster pulse than most massage guns out there. The LED control display also shows you remaining battery power, so you'll know long before it's time to charge again.  

Super Capacity Lithium Battery 

No need to rush through your therapy session, it's not like you're being charged by the hour. This powerful massage gun will operate for 1.5 to 4 hours on it's long-life 2500mAh battery ensuring that you'll be 100% satisfied before recharging again. Battery life will vary based on your preferred intensity level during therapy. 

Quiet Operation 

Built-in sound dampeners, precision fittings and a brush-less motor means you can have a normal conversation or watch the game while in session. Your recovery shouldn't have to interfere with whatever else you have going on, and now it doesn't have to. Precision machined construction, and high-grade materials reduce excessive vibration leaks and rattles allowing it to deliver it's full force to the massage head of your choice. 

Precision Crafted Quality

Constructed with a durable, impact-resistant outer shell and precision machined parts, it's built to stand up to repeated and regular use. Internal auto shut off sensors and timer functions ensure that it won't overheat even during extended use. Backed by a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee and a 90-Day replacement warranty, you can rest assured that this massage gun is the right choice for you.  


Interchangeable Massage Heads 

Massage Ball: Comfortably penetrates deep or surface muscle tissue for recovery and repair at any vibration speed. 

Bullet Head: Designed for joints, deep tissue and trigger points. This head is best used on low to mid-range vibration to get in deep. 

Flat Head: Ideal for any part of the body, this versatile head delivers a broad percussive impact and is best used with mid to high-range vibration speed.

Fork Head: Great for applying therapy around tendons, spinal column, or limbs. It's best used with mid-range to high range vibration speed. 


Rated Input: AC 110-240v ; 50-60HZ
Rated output: DC 16.8V
Internal Battery: 2500 mA Li-ion
Max Operational Speed: 4000 ppm
Pulse Depth: 12 mm 
Weight: 1.5kg
Dimensions: 17 x 24 x 6.5cm
Warranty: 90 Day Replacement 

Included in Package:
Massage Gun
Big Round Massage Ball (Large Muscle Recovery)
Bullet Head (Joints)
Fork Tip (Spine)
Flat Tip (Full body)
Rechargeable Battery
Power Charger
English User Manual
Zippered Carry Case


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

90 Day Warranty

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