48V Freddo G2 E-Scooter. 800W motor, Shock absorbers, turn signal light and brake lights, 26 mph

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The 48V Freddo G2 E-Scooter is a powerful and versatile mode of transportation for riders age 12 and up, with a maximum weight of 330 lbs. With an 800W motor and shock absorbers, this e-scooter can reach speeds of up to 26 mph (42 km/h) while providing a smooth ride. The vacuum tires provide stability, while the turn signal light and brake lights add to safety features. Charging in just 6 hours, it weighs 49 lbs and measures 24” x 21” x 47”, making it easy to store and transport.


Age Group

12 to 45

Max Weight (lbs)


Max Speed (mph)


Shock absorbers


Turn signal and brake lights




Number of batteries


Voltage per Battery

37V 7.5AH

Battery Charging time (hs)


Operation Time per Charge (min)

60 to 80

Tires Material

Pneumatic Tires


350 Watts

Product Size / Weight

45 x 20 x 47 in / 31 lb

Package Size / Weight

44 x 8 x 17 in / 41 lb

Assembly video


  • Powerful and Versatile: With an 800W motor and vacuum tires, this e-scooter can handle riders up to 330 lbs with ease. It’s perfect for commuting, running errands or just cruising around town.
  • Smooth Ride: The shock absorbers make sure that even on rough terrain, you will experience a smooth ride. The e-scooter is equipped with a front and rear suspension system to absorb shocks when riding over bumps.
  • Safety Features: The turn signal light and brake lights provide additional safety features so that you can safely ride in any condition. You can easily signal turns or let drivers know when you’re stopping by using the lights on the e-scooter.
  • Quick Charging Time: The battery takes only 6 hours to charge fully, which allows for extended riding time. In just a short amount of time, you can be back out on your e-scooter exploring new places or running errands.
  • Easy Storage and Transport: Weighing just 49 lbs and measuring 24” x 21” x 47”, this e-scooter is easy to store in small spaces like apartments or car trunks. Its compact size also makes it easier to transport from one place to another.

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