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You'll be happy that you packed this portable hammock when the bugs come out! Constructed from high thread count polyester fabric, and complete with a removable tight mesh cover you'll be resting comfortably and bug-free. This hammock will hold up to 250 kgs or 550 lbs, and creates a comfortable environment to rest up in while camping or back packing. Conveniently, this hammock folds up into a small drawstring carry bag that won't get in your way or weigh you down while you're on the move. 

Portability for Camping and Hiking

Packaged neatly in a small drawstring bag, this complete setup won't weigh you down on your travels. Weighing only 680 grams, this hammock is about the most lightweight option you can find for a portable bed. 

Durable Materials

Constructed from light weight and durable polyester, the hammock can carry a load over 550 lbs so take a load off, and let the hammock handle it for you. 

Versatile Functions 

The removable mesh covering is the best option to have handy when the bugs are out. When the little critters aren't around, you'll probably want to enjoy it without the covering, and you totally can!

Holds Two People

Squeezing two people into the hammock lengthwise might be a little too cozy for some people, but it is doable. Side by side with your feet hanging over, now that's a darn comfy way to take a load off. 

Everything You Need

This hammock comes complete with ropes, extensions, hooks and mesh so you'll have everything you'll need ready-to-go when it's time to put your feet up for a while.  

Hammock Material: Polyester
Mesh Material: Nylon / Polyester
Hammock Size (W x L): 140 x 260 cm / 55 x 102 in. 
Mesh Size (W x L):  130 x 260 cm / 51 x 102 in.

Max Weight: 250 kgs / 551 lbs

Hammock Size (W x L): 140 x 260 cm / 55 x 102 in.

Max Weight: 250 kgs / 551 lbs

Included in Package
1 x Hammock 
1 x Mosquito Mesh 
2 x Hooks 
2 x Hanging Ropes 
2 x Rope Extensions

2 x Mosquito Mesh Hanging Lines

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