Arched 2-Door Spark Guard Fireplace Screen 35" Wide

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Enjoy the aesthetics and warmth of your fireplace without the worry or trouble of sparks and embers. This steel fireplace screen is a protective barrier between you and your fire, with an appealing look that adds to the ambience. The straight single panel design keeps a smaller foot print and has sturdy feet to keep it stable. The durable steel electrophoresis and powder-coating frame is sure to last you a long time. 



  • Straight single panel design with sturdy decorative feet
  • 2-Door design to allow easy access for adding wood or cleaning 
  • Reinforced steel frame with electrophoresis and powder-coating
  • Floral like decorative patterns for a classic appeal
  • Mesh design allows you to watch the fire through the screen
  • Easy assembly, just place feet on 



Colour: Black
Materials: Steel
Overall Dimension: 34.75"L x 11.75"W x 35"H
Single Door Dimension: 16.25"W x 28.75"H

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