Maserati Kick Scooter

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The best of America and Italy!

American fun meets Italian design. We love a good luxury brand with affordable prices! This Maserati Scooter got us screaming of hype! To see and be seen in style! This scooter by Maserati is a dream come true for scooter lovers. A luxury toy for cruising the streets, racing, and having fun with friends. Its clean design in white and black and the simple lines make this scooter very easy to ride!


  • This scooter has no shortage of lights and colors! LED lights that flash red, blue and green when you turn the wheels. Bonus: no batteries needed. This is not grandpa's scooter.
  • There is no scooter like it. Its lights, its quality materials typical of a luxury brand like Maserati and the adjustable height make this scooter unique in the market. Practicality and fun go hand in hand in this incredible product.
  • Smooth and safe ride as the double front wheels and a non-slip deck provide the most stable yet fun ride while cruising down the street. Your child will pick this up and get the hang of it within minutes.
  • It's hard to go wrong when it comes to giving a scooter as a gift, but if you also give a scooter by Maserati that adapts to the child's age and is height adjustable, it's impossible to fail! For going to school, for a ride, or just for fun, this scooter is the perfect gift.
  • This scooter is guaranteed to be the most satisfying toy for your child. It will provide years of enjoyment and can withstand anything that a toddler or kid could put it through.


Age Group: 3 to 12 / Max Weight: 110 lbs

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