Pest Reject Ultrasonic Pest Repellent (Set of 4)

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If you want a safe and humane pest repellent that actually works, try Pest Reject with a 30 day guarantee! Pest Reject keeps insects and small rodents away by emitting ultrasonic waves that they just can't stand to be around. The frequencies emitted are safe and not audible to humans and larger pets like cats and dogs. Simply plug one into an outlet in your home, cottage, or garage to ward off annoying critters and insects. 


How It Works

Pest Reject emits frequencies between 22-65 KHz. These frequencies cannot be detected by humans and most house pets, however mosquitoes, flies, mice, spiders, cockroaches, squirrels and many more pests just can't stand the noise!  



Pest Reject has an optimal range of over 1200 square feet. To keep pests out of your home or garage, we suggest placing them near possible entrance points for these unwanted critters. You can place as many as you like in your home, but we feel covering all the the possible entrance points is the best way to go to be effective. 


Max Operational Range: 1200 Square feet 
Frequency Output: 22 - 65 KHz
Dimensions: 3.54"H x 2.20"W x 1.97"D
Colour: White
Outer Material: ABS
Plug Type: US Plug Type
Power Consumption: 5-6 W


Best Operating Practices

The Pest Reject should be plugged in vertically at 37 - 41" from the floor. 
The red indicator light indicates that the Pest Reject is in operation. 
More than one is suggested for spaces larger than 1200 sqft. 
For best results install your Pest Reject away from sound absorbing materials like curtains or carpet flooring.  
Suggested operating temperature is between 0-40°C / 32-104°F. 
Pests may remain up to a few days after installation as they often require some time to relocate to other territories. 

2_ 5 42pcs-Blue-Light-Ultrasonic-Pest-Repeller-Pest-Control-Reject-Repellent-Anti-Mouse-Mole-Cockroach-Mosquito-Insect (1) 2pcs-Blue-Light-Ultrasonic-Pest-Repeller-Pest-Control-Pest-Reject-Repellent-Anti-Mouse-Mole-Cockroach-Mosquito (2)    

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