Portable Cat Litter Box with Feet Cleaning Top Exit

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This enclosed litter box features a one-way exit design, front entrance and top exit are more in line with the natural instinct of felines. The top of the box also has grated slaits to allow loose little stuck to feet and fur to fall back into the litter pan for less mess. Hooded shield is the perfect solution for containing litter and providing your cat with privacy. The fully enclosed design provides excellent odor and litter dispersal control. A scoop is also included for easy cleaning. This litter box has plenty of space inside. Spacious interior provides plenty of room for cats up to 15 lbs. to move freely without restriction. Completely enclosed high-sided litter box protects the cat's privacy, reduces house odor and keeps the air fresh



  • Front entry, top exit with feet cleaning grate
  • Large space suitable for cats up to 15lb
  • 5mm slits in top help cat shake off the litter
  • Transparent front door no trapped feeling for cats
  • Easy to clean pull-out tray, and hanging scoop included
  • Made of premium ABS and PP material, no smell, non-toxic
  • Fully foldable & detachable - simple to disassemble



Material: ABS, PP
Colour: Black, White 
Overall Size: 20.47"L x 16.14"W x 14.76"H
Front Door Size: 8.86"L x 7.68"W
Top Exit Door Size: 8.3"L x 7.8"W
Included: Litter Box, Hanging Scoop 

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