Waterproof Phone Pouch for Beach or Fishing

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Waterproof Phone Pouch

This durable universal waterproof pouch features a strong lanyard, a secure swivel lock, and dual-sided clear windows to put your mind at ease during summer activities in or near water. The outer edges glow in the dark to make it easier to find underwater even at night.

Stress Free Fun Beach Fun

This waterproof, sand proof pouch lets you enjoy your beach time without worrying about sand or water damaging your phone. 

Don't Let That Catch of the Day Get Away

Take stress-free photos of that big fish you caught. Wrap the carry strap around your wrist to prevent unwanted over-boarding. 

Product Details

Super transparent design lets you take photos under water
Waterproof (up to 20 meters deep)
Sand and Dust Proof
Glow in the dark edging to find in dark
Material: Durable PVC
Size: Inner pouch measures 3.5 x 6 inches (fits most models)
Colour Options: Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Pink & White

Note: Some device features may not be available when in pouch.

Estimated Shipping Time: 30-50 Days
Tracking Available: No

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