Sanitizer Dispensing Wrist Band & Refill Bottle

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Navigating this new normal can be tough at times. Whether you're out shopping, going to school, or going to work, you have a lot more to consider than you ever have before. Germs and viruses are hiding on surfaces everywhere, and the stakes are high so you don't want to be caught unprepared.


a handy new solution that means you'll never be stuck without hand sanitizer again. The perfect alternative to bulky and awkward lanyard or backpack dispensers, this silicone wristband dispenser saves you the trouble of stopping and searching for your sanitizer on the go. The squeezable reservoir holds enough sanitizer for multiple on-the-spot applications. Simply pop the nozzle lid and squeeze to apply sanitizer directly in your hand. Made from soft, comfortable, and durable silicone the band is soft to touch and the sturdy plug prevents accidental leaks. Use the included refill bottle to refill your band before going out. Great for busy kids and working adults, get yours today and make your new normal a little easier.

Convenience Features

Adjustable one-size-fits all design
Made from durable and comfortably soft silicone
Convenient and easy to use, easy to refill
Perfect for shopping, school and the workplace
Multiple colours available to suit your style
15ml reservoir holds enough for multiple applications
Makes a sensible & thoughtful gift for your loved ones
Waterproof and wearable for any occasion
Included refill bottle makes refilling the band easy

Suitable for ages 7 and up

Sizing Details

Maximum Circumference: 19cm
Minimum Circumference: 10cm



Material: Silicone
Unisex: Yes
Sizing: Adjustable One Size Fits All
Washable: Yes
Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soap, warm water and refill
Suggested Age: 7 years old and up
Reservoir Capacity: 15ml
Lotion Compatible: Yes
Included in Package: 1 wrist band dispenser, 1 refill bottle
Note: Young children should use with adult supervision


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