G400 Levitation Module

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The G400 Levitating Display

Floating your art, merchandise, or collectibles in mid air incites instant amazement in any audience! Sporting a sleek white modern-minimalist base, this levitation display highlights floating items in a beyond-modern way. Operating silently, and providing superior stability it only consumes about the same rate as an energy efficient light bulb. The floating magnet is reinforced with steel, then covered with white felt, making it durable enough for commercial or educational applications. To operate, simply plug the base in to a standard power outlet and use the included alignment tool to set the float magnet in place. 

How Magnetic Levitation Works

Using patented magnetic levitation technology, the module base creates a strong vortex-shaped magnetic field. Internal sensors automatically adjust intensity to keep the magnetic float disc in place and to compensate for added weight load. Once in place, the floating disc is free to rotate with only air resistance to slow it down. 

Superior Engineering & Superior Quality  

Our levitation modules operate silently and efficiently and do not have a limited operation time. The G400s internal sensors do not require optics, allowing you the freedom to pass your hand under the floating magnet without disturbing operation. Each module is hand inspected and calibrated on completion and later re-inspected before shipment to ensure we deliver the highest standards of quality. 


Levitation Gap: 20 - 25 mm
Load Bearing Weight: 400 g
Power Consumption: 9 W 
Voltage: 100-240 V 
Power Supply: US Plug Type 
Feet Material: Rubber
Certifications: ETL 
Float Disc Diameter: 62 mm 
Float Disc Height: 13 mm
Module Diameter: 23.8 cm 
Module Height: 5 cm 
Power Adapter Cord Length: 6 ft 

Shipping Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 19cm 
Shipping Weight: 5 kg


Please Note: To minimize magnetic forces during transportation, each box is lined with metal. Please take caution and use protective gloves when opening your package. 

Not recommended for persons under the age of 14 years old.



How long will it float for? - As long as power is being supplied to the base. There is no time limit for operation. 

What happens if I unplug it? - Without power, the internal sensors and electromagnetic fields can not keep the magnet floating. The magnetic disc will fall and will be attracted to the magnets located in the base.  

Does it use optical sensors? - No, our patented modules do not require optical sensors. So you can move your hand freely underneath the float magnet without impeding it's operation.  

Will it damage nearby mechanical or electronic devices? - The magnetic and electromagnetic forces used by our modules are indeed strong. We have not yet experienced any permanent electronic device malfunctions in our testing, however we strongly suggest exercising caution for individuals with implanted devices. 

Can I float metallic objects too? - Yes, you can float some metallic objects. However, the float magnet and base are magnetic, so metals with magnetic properties may impede the performance you desire.

Is it suitable for children? - The G400 is not a toy, strong magnets may pinch and possible hurt little fingers. For this reason we don't recommend children under 14 years old handle it. 

Does the float height change with added weight? - Yes, as more weight is added to the float magnet, it will slowly depress closer to the base. The G400 will depress to roughly 20mm float height at its lowest point.  

How stable is it? - Items placed on top of the float magnet should be balanced and centered as much as possible. Uneven weight distribution can cause undesired rotation, wobbling and dropping. For best performance, we suggest placing your module on a stable, level and non-magnetic surface.  Additionally, your module should not be placed in an area that has exposure to high volumes of air movement.  

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